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Samsung D820 – Slim Impresses Once Again

Yet another impressive handset from the house of Samsung, the Samsung D820 is a good combination of style and feature. The device continues the successful slide form factor, (where other manufacturers wrack their brains to make some impressive clamshell), and further carries the reputation of its pedigree.

Sturdy and robust, the Samsung D820 is quite impressive to hold in hands. And if you are thinking about the style quotient of the device, the device surely poses as one of the most fashionable devices in the market. Just 15.2 mm thin, it seems that Samsung D820 has got a major influence from Motorola RAZR.

The phone looks more or less like Samsung D600. It has the same amount of controls in the same location, similar keypads and a microSD card slot on the right hand side. The only flip here, is that the phone does not have a dedicated camera keys. And that is not a good thing, for users find this absence quite annoying. Another area where the Samsung D820 misses out, is on the keypad. The keypad had raised edges, which makes some problems for people who have fat fingers. Otherwise, the handset has well spaced keys so that fingers are sufficiently adapted. Also, the handset has sliced its imaging capability to 1.3 Mp camera.

The biggest improvement that the Samsung D820 holds over its predecessor is the display. The display is large, making it good for viewing. The clicks looks bright and clear, videos vivid, and even the colourful wallpapers make your happy. Like the D600, the Samsung D820 also includes the TV-output option. There still needs to be some correction because the resolution is not that great, but if you still desire to avail the feature, it is good enough. Other features of Samsung D820 includes-   Mp3  player, 73 MB of internal memory, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, a hands free speakerphone, PictBridge, JAVA games etc.

Source by Gian Bryan

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